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Hopefully you are all ready to dive deep into the Austin home décor scene. The best stores to buy home furniture near you in all kinds of styles from modern to contemporary to vintage and everything in between will get the ball rolling.

Whether you want to buy cheap furniture on a discount or are shopping for products in the luxury and high end variety you won’t be lacking for options. Interior designers will come next for those who want help sifting through all of the modern styles, trends and ideas we have to choose from these days. Showrooms to buy home appliances near you will also get their own section.

The outdoor area of your home will follow that up as we get into the best local lawn and garden stores in town. There are all kinds of diy ideas on how to improve your front yard or back yard, plus you will read about landscaping services that will take care of most of the work for you.

We will start off by sharing our Austin home and lawn area map which will be followed by the lists of the top stores and service providers with addresses, links to their websites, and some brief business info. By the way, we have also discussed the scene in this area of the country numerous times in the past for those that are interested.

Home Furnishing Stores Near You

The best stores to buy home furniture in Austin would be:

When it comes to remodeling and redesigning UrbanSpace Interiors shines through. It is a full-service firm that caters to all lifestyle needs from redoing a single room to the entire home.

Since 1971 Skandinavia Contemporary Interiors has provided modern home furniture solutions in your area. An innovative furniture collection for the bedroom, dining room, living room, and even office space can be found at their store.

Austin’s Furniture Depot and Couch Potatoes can upgrade any home or office look with their wide collection. Their catalog consists of regionally made furniture for interior and exterior spaces alike.

The variety at Home Consignment Center is plentiful and no stone is left unturned to provide the customer with furniture and interior design pieces. Their style ranges from antique and vintage to modern and traditional or even Scandinavian.

Furniture Brokers operates from 2 online showrooms and has been among the first choices for all consignment furnishings.

Far Out Home Fittings offers a plethora of furniture and home décor options near you that revamp home spaces to add unique vintage flair.

Interior Design

There are so many styles and trends these days that they can be hard to keep up with but these interior designers can help you out:

Established by Dawn Frank Hearn in 1993 Dawn Hearn Interior Design holds a place of its own. The owner is the recipient of the Design Excellence Award given by the American Society of Interior Designers and has received several NARI Contractor of the Year awards for her remodeling projects.

Led by the power duo Jessica Nelson and Stephanie Lindsey Etch Design Group is renowned for its exquisite interior design in your area. The pair specializes in furnishing and designing new buildings as well as bringing old ones back to life.

From luxurious and high-end projects to commercial ones there is something for everyone at Spaces Designed. Dabbling in real estate alongside interior design and remodeling this company is the perfect amalgamation of all things interior.

Michelle Thomas Design is a full-service interior design company with a penchant for residential and commercial design solutions. From new construction to remodeling old projects it offers a minimalist yet modern brand approach.

Home Appliances

These stores and showrooms to buy home appliances near you can work whether you want the latest smart appliances or are looking for something second hand on a discount:

Neu Appliances deals in refurbished, scratch, and dent appliances along with offering local repair services. They also serve as an appliance provider for many big-box stores.

Harway Appliances has been a supplier of kitchen appliances in Central Texas since the early 90’s and are also experts at customizing iron doors and windows that fit perfectly into their desired space.

Factory Builder Stores carries over 40 various brands of appliances and cabinets.

Lawn & Garden Stores Near You

Home lawn garden Austin furniture stores near you

You definitely don’t want to forget about your front yard and backyard and the best landscaping stores in the area are:

Since 2011 Tillery Street Plant Company has been a treat for local plant lovers with a vast collection of rare medicinal plants to exquisite tropical wonders. Customers can drop by any day to admire the impressive collection at this retail nursery.

Mike and Veronica Sewell have been successfully running Shoal Creek Nursery for the previous six years. The brand prides itself on having a specially curated selection of beautiful plants and imported pottery alongside gardening supplies and other related items.

Austin Plant Supply is a great wholesale shop to find different varieties of trees, plants, shrubs, soil, gravel, and all things gardening-related in your area under one roof.

Featuring a wide selection of new and exotic plants and trees Leaf Landscape Supply is a partner and supplier of Green Industry professionals. Operating out of Central and South Texas since 2014 they have more than 1,200 species of plants, trees, and premium-grade plant material available.

Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply is a family-owned supplier with a team of professional contractors that combine to provide water-efficient and sustainable solutions. Their supplies include landscape and irrigation with water features, irrigation supplies, erosion control, turf and landscape products, hardscape and outdoor living, and landscape lighting.

ASAP Stone & Landscape Supply is a one-stop solution for anyone looking to build their patio and garden pathway or to landscape exterior space in town. All the materials and supplies for an immaculate do-it-yourself job are readily available in the store.

In 1975 Clayton Whittlesey paired with his two older brothers to create the brand Whittlesey Landscape Supplies to cater to all lawn maintenance requirements. Initially it was a small project so they began working out of their yard until they expanded only four years later and began providing customers with garden soil, rocks, gravel, compost, and other materials.

Landscaping & Lawn Care Services

Some of the above stores may also offer landscaping services but you can find more by contacting:

From lawn makeovers to landscape deep cleans Just Right Lawns strives to make all local lawns just right. With nearly 20 years of experience under their belt the company started by Jeremy Griffin is well-versed in lawn clipping, mowing, waste removal, and all things grass-related.

Austin Native Landscaping leverages the art of xeriscaping to reduce water consumption. From design to installation and maintenance the company guides at each step of the way.

The need for preserving Mother Nature is growing which is why a brand like Super Avit Landscaping Services is ideal to achieve earth-friendly smart-scaping. They also provide immaculate maintenance and repair services for exterior spaces including lawn, patio, decks, irrigation, and more.

Set up in 2006 Austin’s Best Land Design has now become a favorite for landscaping services near you including commercial and residential lawn management and maintenance services.

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Dream About Your Unique Home Décor Ideas

We did our best to cover home décor near you. You read all about the best stores to buy home furniture, interior decorators, appliances, gardening stores, plus lawn and landscaping services.

At this point we would like to ask a little favor. If you notice anything we got wrong on this page or if you have any of your own local tips to share that is what the comments section is for.

Now you don’t need to dream about the latest ideas, styles and trends because you can use the advice you got from this post on home décor in Austin to turn them in to your reality.

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