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Home décor in Barcelona will be discussed in full detail for you right here on this page. There are so many styles to choose from these days that things can get a little overwhelming but luckily there are many great stores to buy home furniture near you.

Some reading this may want to buy cheap furniture on a discount, others could be after luxury items so we will try to share a little bit of info for all tastes and budgets. Once the local furniture stores are out of the way we will pivot to the best interior design firms in your area that can help you make sense of all of the latest design ideas, styles, and trends.

Home appliance showrooms where you can buy top of the line smart appliances or cheaper refurbished models will come next. At this point the inside will be completely covered and we will need to take a step outdoors to list the best lawn and garden stores.

These nurseries and garden centers should have all the plants, vegetables, and diy supplies you need. Expect to find a section about landscaping and lawn care services near you for anyone that would rather let someone else do that dirty work.

Our local Barcelona home décor map will finish things off so that you can figure out where these stores, showrooms, and service providers are located. You can look through our other posts on cities around Spain if you like.

Home Furnishing Stores Near You

When you want to buy home furniture in Barcelona some of the best stores to do so would be:

Mobles la Paz Lope de Vega Sofás has been selling a wide range of furniture and design services in your area for both residential and commercial projects since the mid 1960’s. Roche Bobois provides exclusive European manufacturing  as well as a high degree of customization.

The furniture is designed in collaboration with renowned designers like Marcel Wanders, Cédric Ragot, Sacha Lakic, Kenzo Takada, Ora Ito, Christophe Delcourt, Stephen Burks, and major fashion houses before being distributed in 255 stores worldwide. Designer furniture, kitchens, lighting, and decorative pieces are available to buy at Culto Interior Design.

At Merc & Cia you can buy decorative objects, furniture, pieces of art, antique items, recycled natural solid wood dining tables, old Indian coffee tables, industrial mirrors, lamps in different styles, and more. They are specialists in custom-made furniture.

Interior Design

These local interior designers can take your homes style to the next level:

At Sara Folch Interior Design each project is a new opportunity to innovate, combine, and create unique and personalized spaces considering each detail for more than 25 years. Since the late 1970’s Molins Design has provided architecture, interior design, decoration, and product design in your city.

Stockholm Barcelona Design provides environmentally friendly design options for small and large hotels and office projects. Since 2002 Etna Studio Interior Design has provided a global service to a diverse range of national and international clients with Italian taste.

Home Appliances

Buy the latest smart appliances in your area or find cheaper used and refurbished options at:

People have been visiting Home Gallery Gracia to buy electronic products since the early 1990’s. They now have 18 stores spread throughout the Spanish territory and Andorra.

Euronics Spain is an affiliate of Euronics International, Europe’s leading home appliance chain with over 11,000 retail locations in 35 countries. Calbet Electrodomèstics first opened its doors in 1951 and are a home appliance, furniture, phone, and mobile telephony retail chain with over 40 locations in Barcelona, Lleida, Girona, Tarragona, and the Balearic Islands.

Lawn & Garden Stores Near You

Home lawn garden Barcelona furniture stores near you
The inside of your home is important, but the outside is where people will get that key first impression. Some of the best lawn and garden stores near you are:

Jarclos sells plants directly to customers and creates designs for outdoor and indoor gardens and terraces that include plants, irrigation systems, treated timber, latticework, and lighting. They began as a gardening services company in the late 1960’s and have since grown to include a team of locaal gardeners and florists.

Garden Ca l’Agust focuses on greenhouse seeds, planting herbs, and technical gardening advice. Pots, substrates, and watering systems are among the many garden accessories available plus they are happy to assist you in planning or reorganizing your garden.

Garden l’Aralia has a large selection of plants and accessories for sale. They also provide landscaping, ornamental fountains, waterfalls, wetlands, and maintenance facilities for gardens.

Dbamb offers a variety of bamboo canes for decoration and building, as well as bamboo-derived items like paper and natural bamboo tissue. They specialize in bamboo and have been promoting its use in landscaping and other applications for over ten years.

Aromatherapy, chromotherapy, natural treatments, furniture, decoration, clothing, crystals, houses, greenhouses, toys, and Christmas specials have also been added to their portfolio.

Landscaping & Lawn Care Services

The above stores may also work for this, but you can contact local landscaping and lawn care services in Barcelona like:

At Natural Gardens they specialize in services of exterior architecture and landscaping projects in your area. Their features include patios, terraces, and balconies, as well as traditional and urban gardens, vertical walls or facades, and patios, terraces, and balconies.

Plantikum is a vertical garden expert with more than 14 years of experience. Simbiosi Estudi will help you with landscaping, habitats for businesses, vertical gardens, green roofs, landscape architecture, ephemeral interventions, guidance, and maintenance.

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Dream About Your Unique Home Décor Ideas

Well guys, we did our best to cover everything we know about home décor near you today. We discussed the best local stores to buy home furniture, interior decorators, appliances, lawn and gardening stores, as well as landscaping services in your area.

If you are still here you might just know something about the scene yourself. Please share any of your own diy tips or tricks and feel free to tell us we got something incorrect in the comments if you notice anything.

Now stop dreaming about the latest ideas, styles and trends and use the advice you got from this post on home décor in Barcelona to finally make those dreams a reality.

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