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Today we will all be going on a deep dive into everything about home décor in Melbourne and the best stores to buy home furniture near you will get the ball rolling. Up next you will read about interior designers and where to find showrooms to buy home appliances in your area, be it smart appliances or some that are a little cheaper.

The outdoors will come next as we break down the best Melbourne lawn and garden stores followed by the top landscaping and lawn care services in case you prefer to have someone else to do that dirty work for you.

Expect to find a local home and garden map to help you figure out which stores are closest to your current location.

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Home Furnishing Stores Near You

Some of the best stores to buy home furniture in Melbourne would be:

Koala Living began modestly in 2006 with the establishment of a business in Richmond. Today they have shops in the biggest cities around the country and an online store making them one of the most prominent furniture retailers in Australia, offering a wide selection of luxury and eccentric furniture and home décor.

Per Square Meters specializes in creating and decorating your interiors with ethnic, modern, and custom furniture, fixtures, and antiques created from the strongest and most lasting timbers supplied from Indian and Sri Lankan forests and plantations.

Adriatic Furniture is a local family-owned and managed company with seven locations and that has over 40 years of expertise in the furniture industry while offering the highest level of service as well as top quality furniture in your area.

OZ Design Furniture, formerly known as The Great Australian Design Company, first opened its doors in 1979. Today, the firm runs 36 locations around Australia’s eastern seaboard, as well as a rapidly developing online store, under the name OZ Design Furniture.

Interior Design

The top interior design firms near you would be:

Mark Alexander is a well-known interior designer in Australia and the brains behind Mark Alexander Design Artistry, which provides high-end design services in Australia and across the world. The business was founded in 1981.

Mim Design is an interior architectural firm recognized for its innovation, high-end finishing, and meticulous attention to detail. Furniture curation, selection, and procurement are all services offered by Mim Design who specializes in personalizing furnishings to fit the space.

Christopher Elliott Design provides custom interior design and style services in your area.

Home Appliances

Buy the latest smart home appliances or shop around for something second hand at a discounted price at these stores and showrooms:

Bargain Home Appliances has been the number one factory clearance center near you for over 20 years. Factory second hand, scratch and dent, ex-display, brand new, and carton damage appliances might save you money.

Sunny Electronics is a home appliance retailer that sells refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, televisions, microwaves, and other household equipment. They sell both brand new and factory secondhand appliances in addition to excellent reconditioned secondhand items.

At Discount Electrical they not only deliver high-quality items in the electrical age, but also offer great deals and discounts.

Lawn & Garden Stores Near You

Home lawn garden Melbourne furniture stores near you
Make sure people get the right first impression of your home by heading to one of the best lawn and garden stores near you:

Fitzroy Nursery has been a fixture on Brunswick Street for more than three decades. Hanging baskets, terrariums, cactus, big palms, and ficus types are among the nursery’s most popular indoor plant selections. They provide a full-service garden design and construction service.

The Jackson family started Gardenworld Nursery in 1980 which is  is open seven days a week. Since 1981 Shady Gum has been a very good garden centre in Craigieburn, Victoria. With over 600 goods to fit any garden you can expect to find a great plant nursery, garden centre, and garden supplies, furniture, and decorative things.

Aumann’s Building and Garden Supplies is a family-owned and operated business with over 20 years of experience. Templestowe, South Morang, Plenty, and Eltham are currently among the company’s four sites, two of which are equipped with extensive nurseries.

Smiling Rock is a family-owned firm that began around 15 years ago in Western Australia with the goal of redefining the local house building landscape. Artificial grass, travertine, sand stone, blue stone, timber laminate, pebbles, porcelain tiles, and dry piled stone wall features are among the products offered by the firm.

BAAG Landscape Supplies aim is to collaborate with and encourage home gardeners, local communities, and horticulture and landscape professionals to help create a healthier, more varied world. They boast one of largest selections of herbs, fruits, and vegetables in your area with a focus on indigenous, native, and low-water-use plants.

For almost 70 years Broadbent Garden Supplies has been a leader in garden supplies and landscaping. They take pleasure in offering you excellent customer service, a comprehensive variety of garden items at affordable rates delivered to all suburbs, and a wide range of landscaping services.

Landscaping & Lawn Care Services

You can contact landscaping and lawn care services in Melbourne when you don’t feel like doing the work yourself:

Mayer Landscapes specializes in developing beautiful outdoor living areas that assist customers to improve the value and attractiveness of their properties. They are based on the Mornington Peninsula and Bayside and produce stunning yard designs by mixing seasonal color, perennials, landscaping, and hardscaping in your area.

With over 20 years of expertise, Saffron Gardening and Landscaping is a family-owned and run company. They are located in the southeast suburbs and provide lawn management services like garden upkeep, landscaping, and even grass installation.

Contemporary Landscapes provides complete residential and commercial landscaping services near you. By the way we have also written about:

Dream About Your Unique Home Décor Ideas

Well, we did our best to cover everything we know about home décor near you today. We discussed the best local stores to buy home furniture, interior decorators, appliances, lawn and gardening stores, as well as landscaping services.

Anyone that made it this far you might just know something about the local scene themself. Please share any of your own diy tips or tricks and feel free to tell us we got something incorrect in the comments if you notice anything.

Now stop dreaming about the latest ideas, styles and trends and use the advice you got from this post on home décor in Melbourne to finally make those dreams a reality.

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