Everything About Home Décor in Vienna

Home décor Vienna buy furniture appliance repair services
Today we will be discussing everything we know about home décor in Vienna. There are all kinds of styles like modern, contemporary, vintage, and plenty more so no matter what you are after you can find many great stores to buy home furniture near you.

Some reading this may be looking to buy cheap furniture on a discount while others might be after higher end items so we will try to share a little bit of info for everyone. After the stores have been covered in full it will be time to mention the best interior design firms in Austria who can help you sift through all of the latest styles, trends, and ideas.

Up next we will pivot to home appliance showrooms in your area and where to get broken appliances repaired in Austria. The whole indoor part of your home will have be out of the way at that point so we will move outdoors and list the best Vienna lawn and garden stores.

Whether you want to buy plants or search for new diy products you can certainly find them all over. And in case you are feeling lazy or just want someone else to do the work for you landscaping and lawn care services near you will get a shout out.

All of the stores and venues we list throughout the post will be pinned on our local home décor map at the end. Europe is an area we have written many posts about in the past.

Home Furnishing Stores Near You

The best stores to buy home furniture in Vienna would be:

KARE Design GmbH is a successful company with stores in Germany and Austria in addition to 200 brand partners and 2,000 commercial customers in more than 40 countries with a passion for exclusive furniture. The private company was established in the early 80’s working worldwide in the fields of furniture, decoration, and furniture accessories.

TEAM 7 has over 500 retail locations worldwide, including nine flagship stores in Germany and Austria, as well as brand stores in Moscow, Taipei, and Vienna. TEAM is an Austrian furniture company known for its elegant natural wood furniture, award-winning architecture, and cutting-edge technology.

Daunenspiel is dedicated to interior design service after beginning to work on high quality sleeping areas in 2016. They provide comprehensive planning, guidance, and design services for individuals and the hospitality industry, supporting interior design projects in your area from start to finish.

Crea Home offers over 50,000 one-of-a-kind items including classics from internationally renowned designer brands like Selva, Calligaris, and Alfemo as well as promising newcomer innovations at creahome.at.

Interior Design

These Austrian interior designers can take your homes style to the next level:

Anastasia Reicher is an interior designer and project manager whose experience includes the planning and design of commercial and residential interiors. In addition, the firm is a member of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce.

Paddy Artist is a symbol of architecture and well-being in both private and public living spaces and has been in business since 2013. Vienna Interiors has specialized in interior design for private living spaces, hotels, ordinances, as well as offices, shops, and restaurants since they first opened up in the early 21st century.

Home Appliances

Check out the latest smart appliances or look for cheaper used and refurbished home appliances at:

The Cuisinarum is a tableware and cuisine specialty store. They sell indispensable, classic, and useful items for your cooking experience and enjoyment. MediaMarkt has delighted consumers with a wide variety of articles, new electronic products, professional advice and a wide range of services in more than 50 locations in Austria and their online store mediamarkt.at.

EP provides expert guidance and high-quality branded products at affordable prices by being part of the ElectronicPartner community with more than 200 specialized EP distributors.

Lawn & Garden Stores Near You

Home lawn garden Vienna furniture stores near you
Buy all the plants, vegetables, and diy materials you could ever need at the best landscaping stores and garden centers in your area:

Emmi’s Blumen sells a wide variety of flowers and plants to suit every occasion that are available at any time. At Starkl there are six garden centers, three manufacturing facilities, and one mail order company in both Austria and the Czech Republic.

Starkl began in 1912 as a local family company owned entirely by Austrians. Michel’s Gartenmarkt provides garden design, planning, and maintenance services.

They have everything you need in their nursery including a huge variety of plants as well as a wide range of garden accessories and planters. Dehner has expanded rapidly over the years to become the industry market leader with 132 garden centers.

The family business started with a small nursery in Babaria in the late 1940’s. Secheli has more than ten years of experience in the private and real estate sectors specializing in architecture, gardening, planning, and design.

Landscaping & Lawn Care Services

Some of the above stores may also offer landscaping services but you can find more by contacting:

The development of public vegetation, the conservation of trees, the transplantation of large trees and the maintenance of green spaces are among the services that have been offered Steinbauer Garten since they opened in 1973.

Pflanzplan provides a range of the most exclusive lounge furniture, designer garden furniture, and outdoor kitchens, as well as garden deco accessories from leading manufacturers in Italy, France, and Sweden. They also specialize in the planning and design of parks, terraces and roof terraces as well as indoor areas.

Since 1997 Living Garden has provided landscape architecture, professional gardens, terraces, and interior design services in your area. You can also read our posts on:

Dream About Your Unique Home Décor Ideas

We did our best to cover home décor near you. You read all about the best stores to buy home furniture, interior decorators, appliances, local gardening stores, plus lawn and landscaping services.

Could you maybe do us a little favor? If you notice anything we got wrong on this page or if you have any of your own local tips to share that is what the comments section is for.

Now you don’t need to dream about the latest ideas, styles and trends because you can use the advice you got from this post on home décor in Vienna to turn them in to your reality.

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