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In this post we will cover as much as possible about home décor in Athens. These days there are so many styles to choose from be it modern, contemporary, or vintage among many others and things can get a little overwhelming, luckily there are many great stores to buy home furniture near you.

We know some of you will be hoping to buy cheap furniture on a discount while others might be after luxury items so we will try to share a little bit of info for all tastes and budgets. Once the furnishings are out of the way we will pivot to the best interior design firms in the area who can help you make sense of all of the latest styles, trends, and design ideas.

Home appliance showrooms where you can buy top of the line smart appliances or cheaper refurbished models will also be covered. At that point the interior of your home will be all wrapped up and we will take a step outside to list the best lawn and garden stores in this area of Greece.

These nurseries and garden centers should have all the plants, vegetables, and diy supplies you need. Expect to find a section about landscaping and lawn care services near you so that someone else can do that dirty work for you.

Be sure to stick around for our local Athens home décor map which will have all the places we discussed pinned. Anyone who is interested can look through our other posts on cities around Europe if they like.

Home Furnishing Stores Near You

The best stores to buy home furniture in Athens would be:

Myran is an ambassador of Scandinavian styled furniture in Greece since 2004. Its main demand arises from Muuto, String, and Massproductions who have been Myran’s regular clients.

People have been buying both unique and contemporary furniture at MOFU since 2001. Their main offerings include lights, decorative items, retro electrical appliances, wallpapers, and more.

COCO-MAT has been creating innovative furniture made out of natural resources and promoting sustainable beds, pillows and mattresses since 1989.

Emmanuel Charkoftakis introduced a new furniture line in 1972 under the banner Harkoftakis. This features special line-based furniture designed to complement the aesthetics of any interior while promoting usability.

A furniture company that thrives on inspiration, Design Modules offers a holistic product range guided by creativity streaks and inspirational impulses.

Interior Design

These interior designers in Greece can take your homes style to the next level:

Interior designing is crucial to add aesthetics to a house. The need was identified by Stavros Tzortzos in 1965 who established the Tzortzos Interior Designers Group, currently providing a one-step solution to interior needs.

Founded by Georgina Panagiotopoulou, DECOlife Interiors is an interior design studio based in Athens. It continues to operate locally, and globally, creating waves in the interior design industry with their unique solutions.

Home Appliances

Check out the latest smart appliances or look for cheaper used and refurbished home appliances at:

Eleftheriou Electrical Appliances is a mass retailer of electrical appliances since 1955. They also sell branded products that are often imported.

Best Electric is a fast-growing chain with 7 branches in Greece. What began as an appliance outlet in 1995 has now become a mega-store offering electrical home appliances, high-tech electronic products, and telecommunication goods. Best Electric is always looked upon as a reputable company for state-of-the-art customer and after-sales services.

A great example of entrepreneurship from 1996 is Electronet Electrical Appliances. This venture offers electrical appliances and electronic devices in Greece with an enhanced shopping experience.

Espithas Electric is a member of Greek Electrical chain, Euronics. The company originated in 1984 and has been a profound electrical appliance retailer. Firm’s offerings also include vast range of services such as transportation, maintenance, installation and after-sales service, thus giving it widespread popularity.

Lawn & Garden Stores Near You

Home lawn garden Athens furniture stores near you
You definitely don’t want to forget about your front yard and backyard and the best landscaping stores in the area are:

A famous retailer in the landscaping industry, Xylokatseki Kipou was founded by Christos Tziachristas in 2003. It has a vision of offering a wide product line that includes garden furniture, garden equipment, wooden warehouses, playgrounds, business houses, fences, pots, planters, beach items, and pergolas.

The pioneers of Stamped Concrete Flooring Systems, Stonecreate is a start-up based in Greece. It brought the technology into Greek landscaping markets in 1991 by offering both manufacturing of Stamped Concrete Flooring Systems and the required materials, molds and tools involved. A wide of offerings include Spray Deck, Stencil, Combed and Industrial Flooring, Overlay System (forged cement), Asphalt / Concrete / Bicycle Lane Painting and more.

Created in 1980, Futwria Papatzanis Garden Centers provide architectural study services for gardens and outdoor areas. The company also operates in plant marketing and landscaping fields.

Mixanimata offers both repair and retail in gardening tools since 2004. It operates in all lines of branded and local garden machinery. The company gained reputation because of their guaranteed products and hassle free after sale services. The technical support  and product offerings can be availed from their online store as well.

Experts in all things gardening, Nikolaos Mavrogiannopoulos, Praktiker Garden Center, and Garden Eco provide a vast collection of products including garden tools, plants, pots, fertilizers, and irrigation goods.

Landscaping & Lawn Care Services

Lawn care maintenance can be a pain, luckily these landscaping services will do the work for you:

Ecoscapes is a landscape architecture planning and urban designing firm based in Athens, Greece. It has excelled the art of serving all types of clients. Be it commercial sector or residential houses, small-scale developers or large-scale contractors or even garden makers, all are loyal to Ecoscapes for their superior services.

Kipefsis Tsakirakis Dimitris specializes in garden making. Their services include configuration and construction of gardens, terraces and green spaces. Company’s excellent landscaping  services has secured it a successful future in architecture industry.

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Dream About Your Unique Home Décor Ideas

Home décor near you has now been broken down to the best of our abilities. You read all about the best stores to buy home furniture, interior decorators, appliances, gardening stores, plus lawn and landscaping services.

At this point we would like to ask a little favor. If you notice anything we got wrong on this page or if you have any of your own local tips to share that is what the comments section is for.

Now you don’t need to dream about the latest ideas, styles and trends because you can use the advice you got from this post on home décor in Athens to turn them in to your reality.

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