Everything About Home Décor in Sofia

Hello and welcome to this post about everything home décor in Sofia. We will start off by discussing the best stores to buy home furniture near you in all kinds of styles from modern to contemporary to vintage and everything in between.

Some stores will be great for those who want to buy cheap furniture or find products on a discount, while others will be more of the luxury and high end variety. After those ideas are out of the way we will move on to interior designers in the area and where to find showrooms to buy home appliances be it smart appliances or some that are a little cheaper.

Following that we will move outdoors and discuss the best Sofia lawn and garden stores. Whether you want to improve the landscape of your front yard, backyard, or just want to do something simple like buy some stones you have quite a few options to choose from.

On a similar note we will also mention the best landscaping and lawn care services in the area so someone else can do that dirty work for you. We aren’t the type of site that likes to ramble so we will get right to it, however we did want to mention you can read more of our other posts on lawn and home décor in cities around Europe at that link.

Home Furnishing Stores Near You

When you want to buy home furniture in Sofia some of the best stores to do so would be:

Stol Bulgaria has a one-of-a-kind showroom which opened in 2005 with a 900-square-meter exhibition area. Stol has established successful business relationships with over 110 furniture, lighting, and home accessory manufacturers from Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands.

Since its inception about eight years ago Design Corner has quickly established itself as a leader in high-quality furniture and complete interior solutions for the home, office, and garden that can satisfy even the most discerning tastes. Much of the showroom offers classic, vintage, and modern upholstered and cabinet furniture models.

Esteta Interiori’s opened their first home decor showroom in Sofia in 2014. Their mission is to provide aesthetically pleasing interior products that are custom-made to your specifications. Several tile, parquet, and laminated flooring brands, as well as sofas, lighting, and solid wood furnishings are represented and distributed by the company.

Interior Design

For the best interior designers near you contact:

ALL In Studio has received numerous awards and countless publications in world and local media since being founded in 2011. Momi Studio’s interior design provides full interior design services, including monitoring the implementation and transmission of the finished product.

MOOD is a studio that handles all aspects of interior design. Their specialty comes from combining aesthetics and functionality in lighting, color, furniture shape, and material selection to achieve comfort, convenience, and efficiency in the surrounding space.

Home Appliances

Whether you want to find the latest smart home appliances, are looking for something second hand or want to find a discounted price try these stores and showrooms:

The first Technopolis opened its doors 20 years ago and the company now manages 33 hypermarkets in 25 large cities and towns across Bulgaria. Technopolis is a chain of specialized hypermarkets that sell white and black goods, office supplies, and information technology.

Over the past 30 years the Zora company has established itself as one of the market’s leading brands for black and white appliances and is entirely Bulgarian.

Techmart carries a wide selection of air conditioners, kitchen appliances, household appliances, TVs, laptop computers, and other household electronics from a variety of world-renowned brands in both low and high price ranges.

Lawn & Garden Stores Near You

Home lawn garden Sofia furniture stores near you
The inside of your home is important, but the outside is where people will get that key first impression. Some of the best lawn and garden stores near you are:

Hermann Meyer Bulgaria provides consumables used in nurseries, garden centers, and landscaping throughout Europe. The company is a branch of Hermann Meyer Deutschland in Bulgaria.

The Oleo-Mac brand was founded nearly fifty years ago and has many years of experience in the trade of tools, consumables, accessories, and accessories for garden and forestry equipment. On the Bulgarian market, the company Mina Eood stands behind the Oleo Mac brand.

Growshop.bg sells products for both indoor and outdoor growing. They have provided the most recent and high-quality technology in lighting, ventilation, hydroponic and aeroponic systems, growboxes, measuring equipment, soil, plant protection products, substrates, fertilizers, pots, seeds, reservoirs, irrigation systems, and various garden accessories.

Over the past 15 years or so Gradinar Growshop has sold organic plant growing supplies as well as fertilizers for all other types of cultivation including hydroponics, coconut cultivation, biomineral and NPK fertilization, and more.

Nolina Nikolovi was founded in the mid 1990’s with the primary purpose of trading in ornamental plants, flower arrangements, ornamental shrubs, and overall phytodesign. Plantica creates ornamental plants, designs and builds green spaces inspired by nature and in accordance with local traditions and modern innovations in landscaping architecture.

Landscaping & Lawn Care Services

The above stores may also work for this, but you can contact landscaping and lawn care services in Sofia like:

3D Garden has been providing professional landscaping services like irrigation system installation and maintenance and yard, public green space, and interior space maintenance for the past decade.

The services at Parkland include design, material delivery, consultations, installation, and maintenance. They also sell ornamental vegetation, irrigation systems, hydrophore systems, and pumping equipment in addition to seeds, fertilizers, and preparations.

With over 15 years of professional experience in the design, construction, and maintenance of indoor and outdoor park and yard spaces, Gardenia 2006 has established itself as a leading factor in landscape design near you.

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Dream About Your Unique Home Décor Ideas

Well guys, we did our best to cover everything we know about home décor near you today. We discussed the best stores to buy home furniture, interior decorators, appliances, lawn and gardening stores, as well as landscaping services.

If you are still here you might just know something about the local scene in Bulgaria yourself. Please share any of your own diy tips or tricks and feel free to tell us we got something incorrect in the comments if you notice anything.

Now stop dreaming about the latest ideas, styles and trends and use the advice you got from this post on home décor in Sofia to finally make those dreams a reality.

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